Chip Chick

Chip Chick, a website that focuses on technology for women has set their eye on SummerSkin, just in time for the summer heat. We are thrilled to be acknowledged by Chip Chick as they are always on the cutting edge of technology trends. The article titled “Who Needs Sunscreen, When You Have a UV Blocking Scarf?”spotlights the Endless Summer Scarf and how SummerSkin is changing the sun protective clothing industry by making it more fashionable and customizable.

“Sun-protective clothing has long had the same problem that all wearable technology has struggled with—it’s never been the most fashionable. SummerSkin is fixing that, and one of the best numbers they have is this Endless Summer Scarf.”pink scarf

“Most importantly, it looks like something you might actually like to wear outside.”

A big thank you to writer Chance Kinney for such a great article! You can read the full version here.



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