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Based in Portland, Oregon, SUMMERSKIN is a line of stylish women's lifestyle apparel and accessories with sun protection built-in.

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Loved wearing your hot pink scarf & hat in Hawaii last week! Felt fashionable, sassy, & protected.
It has been so hard to find a hat that provides adequate coverage and fits my head. This hat does both!
I love my SUMMERSKIN cardigan!! My friends are jealous and I’m sending them your way.
I appreciate that your line of clothing considers fashion as well as function. Thank you!
When sun protection is this easy (and looks this good) there should be no more excuses. We're hooked!
InStyle Magazine
This technology will certainly win the fashion industry.
Elle Magazine France

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About Us


SUMMERSKIN exists to bring health, happiness, and fun to your everyday lifestyle. We provide stylish sun protective apparel and accessories so people can have fun in the sun while protecting their skin and health. With this purpose at our core, our 10-year vision is to reach 10 million people and increase awareness about the importance of sun protection.

Founding Story

The SUMMERSKIN™ journey began in 2007, when founder Summer Kramer was diagnosed with melanoma on her lower left leg. Fortunately, she caught the cancerous mole very early, but it changed her life forever.

Following the surgery, and at her dermatologists recommendation, Summer rolled down her sleeves and started an exhaustive search for fun, stylish sun protective clothing.

To her dismay, all she could find were clothes that were either specifically designed for an outdoor activity -- like running or surfing -- or styles that targeted an older demographic.

What she wanted was stylish apparel that would protect her skin from harmful UV rays, while still maintaining a sense of versatility and expression. Something she could feel confident wearing to a picnic or an outdoor function, or just walking around the city.

And just like that, the idea for SUMMERSKIN was born.

Our Commitment

Our Style

Utilizing classic silhouettes and relaxed tailoring, SUMMERSKIN provides easy, everyday style. Our pieces take a woman from day to evening and quickly become wardrobe favorites. Flattering for any figure, our complementary pieces come with versatile details: convertible sleeves, extendable collars, layering options, and side slits for cooling airflow.

Dressy but casual. Timeless elegance. Everyday essentials.

Our Fabric

All SUMMERSKIN fabrics provide a UPF level of 50+, but also so much more. We are committed to finding sun protective fiber blends that are also soft to the hand, drape beautifully, and allow the skin to breath. Our fabrics are never chemically treated to achieve a UPF factor and sun protection will not wash out.

UPF by construction. Feminine lightness. Luxurious and comfortable.

Meet Summer

“Personal style comes from within. It's when the woman, her individuality and spirit come through. She uses clothes to express who she is and how she feels.”   – Donna Karen

Being diagnosed with melanoma at such a young age, I found myself in the position of limited UPF apparel options and thus being forced to choose between my health and my style – not something that would earn my or Donna Karen’s approval.

Now, almost 10 years later, I am the mother of an amazing 4 year old daughter who considers sunscreen her “makeup” and proudly gets ready with me every morning. She reminds me every day about how precious we all are.

My motto in life and in business is to “follow the path of happiness.” Find your people, your style, your passion and embrace them with all your heart.

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